Life & Death Tattoos - Shrewsbury based tattoo studio run by tattooist John Lewis.

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John Lewis - Tattooist

John Lewis
Owner & tattooist at Life & Death Tattoos. John Lewis specialises in black & grey tattoos, portraiture, realism & skull tattoos. A lover creative art work, original interesting ink work.

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Tattoo Gallery
We specialise in all kinds of different tattoos from traditional, portraiture/realism to full body pieces & just plain weird stuff - if you have an idea that different & original - we are interested!

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Important Tattoo & Booking Information

When getting a tattoo, whether it is your first or one of many, there are a few important things you need to think about. We have taken some serious time & effort so please read our Important Tattoo & Booking Information Guide.

Shropshire based tattoo studio run by tattooist John Lewis, offering a range of tattoos & body art based in Shrewsbury.