Life & Death Tattoos - run by tattooist John Lewis, with Will Geary & Nathan Davies

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Owner / Tattooist

Owner & Tattooist at Life & Death Tattoos. Specialising in black & grey portraiture/realism, lover of skulls, roses as well as anything creatively different & weird.

John's background is a million miles away from tattooing starting in caring for children with disabilities but has always had a long standing admiration for the industry and art involved. When the opportunity presented itself John bought his first tattoo machine & began tattooing from a one room studio, 3 years on Life & Death Tattoos was formed in the heart of Shrewsbury - Shropshire.

Over the years John has constantly tried to improve himself, his artwork & his methods. Taking inspiration from Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrell who he considers the smoothest tattooist of black and grey as well as Markus Lenhard. Other sources of inspiration are from Guy Aitchinson, Carlos Torres, Robert Hernandez & Boris.

Please note - John will no longer take booking directly, please contact the studio to make a booking. 





Tattoist at Life & Death Tattoos specialising hand drawn art, neo-traditional tattoos (think Emily Rose Murray & Phil Wilkinson etc.) with an Aaron Breeze spin.

Aaron has joined us at Life & Death Tattoos from his home town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire & recently graduated from Falmouth University. Aaron brings something different to the studio with his love of hand crafted products, nature & the natural world as a whole - which all inspire his arts & tattoos.

As well as t-shirt design, Aaron has been featured in the publication 'Antennae of Inspiration' with his 'spider-rose' piece & is also due feature in the up & coming publication 'Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project' with his 'rose-bird' piece.

When Aaron is not tattooing he produces hand made products such as photography & picture frames which have showcased his hand drawn art. Aaron takes a degree of inspiration from all aspects of life with some of his favourite tattooists being Emil Tramp & Andrzej Lipczynski 'Lipa'.




Apprentice Tattooist

Richard joined us as an apprentice in July of 2016, after having approximately four years of studio experience elsewhere. He decided that he needed to find a new challenge at a studio that was really going to push him both technically, and artistically.

In terms of art, Richard takes influences from a wide range of styles, some tattoo based, and some from more classic art styles such as technical drawing and painted murals. Much of Richard’s previous work has been done in a geometric style, but he is looking to push himself in Japanese, realism and traditional tattoo disciplines. Richard is also open to hand poked tattooing, and has already undertaken small pieces in the craft.

Richard has many influences, some stylistically, and some from his first forays in to the world of tattooing. He first wanted to get tattooed after seeing the work of Chad Koeplinger, Steve Byrne, Mike Rubendall and Henning Jorgensen. Once he decided to pursue a career in tattooing his understanding of geometric artwork and blackwork was increased, taking stylistic influences from the work of Thomas Hooper, Gerhard Weisbeck, Tomas Tomas, Chaim Machlev and Delaine Gilma amongst many, many others.

Shropshire based tattoo studio run by tattooist John Lewis, offering a range of tattoos & body art based in Shrewsbury.