Life & Death Tattoos – January Update

Recently I have taken the decision to take a step forward in terms of the business and decided that a new brand is needed that can encapsulate everything I want to do, what we are doing now and the rest of the team are doing.

Life & Death Tattoos LogoLife & Death Tattoos. Over the last few years I have been known by my name as John Lewis and then Tattoos by Lewis, but with the additions of Will Geary, Nathan Davies and soon Aaron, Breeze “Tattoos by Lewis – Oh and Will and Nathan and Aaron” doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Eventually in the future we want to open studios in other locations and establish the Life & Death Tattoos brand in the UK and hopefully beyond.

A lot of you that know me know that I try and give my absolute everything when preparing, research, talking to clients and then eventually tattooing but as I have become busier and with the extra responsibility of the studio as well as managing the other tattooists I have felt that my time is being stretch so thinly that not before long that effort will be serious diminished, and that is something I never want to happen, it wouldn’t be right for my clients.

Life & Death Tattoos was a name I was going to run with many years ago but decided not to for one reason or another but now I feel it is time. The main reason is I feel I have a great support structure around me, I have an excellent tattooist in Will Geary, Aaron Breeze who I believe has some serious potential and Nathan Davies who as well as a tattoo apprentice, is now the new Studio Manager.

So what does that mean in terms of the business, bookings & everything else? let me explain….

People who were friends with me on Facebook would try and chat to me, if I could I would talk tattoos day & night, there is nothing better than sitting & talking to clients about their crazy ideas or how much a piece is going to mean to them – honestly, that is why I tattoo. The reality is I physically cannot do this with every client new or old, as well as have a happy family (with 2 recent additions). I never want people to think I ignore them, I never want people to think I don’t care, the truth is that I get so bogged down some times that divert from who I am talking to or that I have looked at something like an image or a Google search or someone else has popped up and my focus as been diverted – I can understand if anyone ever got frustrated, if you have, for that I apologise.

Now Nathan is on board he can facilitate all the initial conversation such as tattooing process, costings, time frames and the booking process. This will help me focus on the preparation and the tattooing. I will, of course still be talking to clients but it will be more focussed and more direct when needed, such as when I am preparing or researching ideas.

With that said, the tattooists at Life & Death Tattoos, my self included wont be taking any bookings directly. I would like to politely urge people to not to message the Life & Death Tattooist through their twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts if you want bookings. Reason being is that Nathan will facilitate all bookings from now on via the website, email or Facebook business page. I felt over the last year I was going to start letting people down and the truth of it is that I would, if I could tattoo day & night but obviously I can’t and telling people I will try and squeeze them in with the best intentions in the world isn’t the easiest of tasks, which is again why Nathan is here to help me manage our diaries, bookings and on going client work – I hope you all understand.

Just so everyone is clear with the current changes Will Geary is still here and producing, like he always does, some fantastic traditional & creative pieces. Over the next few months with the marketing plans in the place and exposure achieve from that, we envisage that Will’s availability is going be limited, so if you are looking for something trad/neo-trad/traditional I suggest calling the studio and booking in with Nathan as soon as possible.

We recently made the have taken on Aaron Breeze as a tattoo apprentice – who comes to us shortly bringing a mix of neo-trad drawings, artwork and eventually body art.

We are also in the coming weeks bringing in Lee Bartlett as a part time tattooist. Lee has a wealth of experience and can cater for a range of different styles which I feel will help clients get exactly what they are looking for – however crazy the idea. More details to follow on this appointment.

I hope all this makes sense & people can understand why I have done what I have done, in the long run it will help the tattooist do what they do best – produce the best work they can and help everyone get the tattoos they want.

If you like the work we are doing, you can make a booking.

Thank for you time in reading.

John Lewis

3 thoughts on “Life & Death Tattoos – January Update

  1. Great new website, completely understand where your coming from with being able to concentrate on the tattoos.

  2. New website looks great. Exciting times ahead for you all – I’m sure you will continue to go from strength to strength! Can’t wait till September for my next piece!

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