Life & Death Tattoos Favourite Artists Series – Aaron Breeze

One of my favourite things to do, however geeky it sounds is to examine and understand how tattoos work, understand how they are constructed and why the artist did what they did to create them.

As an apprentice I feel this is important, as I need to understand these essentials before starting to tattoo. I look up to many artists and tattooers, but below is a list of my favourite.


Eckel –

One of the tattoo greats, Eckel’s work speaks for itself! If I where to get my neck and hands tattooed this guy would be doing it! I’ve never seen a tattoo look so perfect on somebody’s skin – effortless perfection.


Lus Lips –

Much like Eckel, I regard him as one of the greats, the scale and subject matter of his work is inspirational. Every time I see his work it makes me want to try something new!


Jake Tattooer –

Its not a good start when you don’t know their full name, but I stumbled across Jake recently when on instagram. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the colour saturation of his tattoos, completely opened up my eyes to what can be achieved with a limited amount of colours.


Phil Wilkinson –

There are a lot of aspects of Phil’s work that I love, but what makes his tattoos for me is his attention to detail. Personally I love tattoos that have a mix of line widths and small delicate details, and Phil nails it every time!


Emil Tramp –

It’s the ideas that he comes out with, I never knew a stylized baboon eating crayons would look so good! His crazy mix of ideas inspires me to experiment more and break from the boundaries of what is usually seen in tattooing.


Matt Adamson –

Much like Phil I love the detail that Matt puts into his work and this can be seen with his awesome line work and stencils! In the future I wish to produce larger scale work that flows, and this is something that Matt achieves with every tattoo.

We will be continuing with series in the Life & Death Studio with the rest of the tattooist and what makes them tick. Take a look at our tattoo gallery and information about Life & Death Tattoos

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