Life & Death Tattoos – Favourite Artists Series – John Lewis

I think it’s important to have role models in tattooing and I’m going to list a few, these are a few of my favourite artists and people I look up to as artists and tattooers.

When trying to improve you need to see where the benchmarks are and aim to beat them , it’s healthy competition , you need to look at someone’s work and be like how has he achieved that or how can I achieve the same.

At the same time try to be original and out your own twist on something


Jeff Gogue –

He has literally taken over the tattoo scene if you’re a tattooer and haven’t heard of him you should be ashamed, he pushes his art and tattoos to the next level his artwork and paintings are mind blowing and tattoos equally as good. I met Jeff at a convention in Doncaster and saw him tattoo a dragon on a guys arm, it was effortless – I want to be that good !


Markus Lenhard –

For pushing the tech side of tattooing he’s a real innovator when it comes to digital preparation of a tattoo and his processes are insane. I look up to how he has achieved his own unique take on a style of tattooing that few can pull off, long term, I plan to use digital means as a way to create my pieces.


Robert Hernandez –

His tattoos are literally amazing, so complex and perfect. I would lose a limb to be as good as this guy.


Carlos Torres –

For me this guy is going to be one of the greats if not already is. Like Jeff Gogue his painting heavily influences his tattoos and his talent is incredible. For me he isn’t the neatest artist out there but so unique in his style.


Nikko Hurtado –

Now Nikko has to be in my opinion the strongest colour portrait artist in the world period


We will be continuing with series in the Life & Death Studio with the rest of the tattooist and what makes them tick. Take a look at our tattoo gallery and information about Life & Death Tattoos

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