Life & Death Tattoos Favourite Artists Series – Nathan Davies

Ever since I got my first tattoo it has become like an obsession for me, not just getting the tattoos but looking at artists from all over the world, it fascinates me how far people push the envelope. I am surprised how far things have come in the few years since tattooing really hit the main stream an became more acceptable compared to it once being seen as something of a taboo.

For my first blog post I thought I’d go through my 5 favourite artists an give a brief description why I like them.


Nikko Hurtado –

Slightly more of a household name since he did a big cover up piece on Cheryl Cole’s lower back and bum. In my opinion Nikko is the most skilled male tattooist in the industry, his colour realism is unmatchable in my opinion and he seamlessly blends between colours – amazing!. If you haven’t checked out his work then I suggest you do this as soon as possible!


Victor Portugal – 

Victor is my favourite tattooist, his style of biomechy faces an skulls is my favourite style of tattoo an in my opinion he is the best at it. Really smooth greys an he will sometimes throw in a little splash of colour which will really make the piece pop.


Niki Norburg – 

If you like really smooth black an grey tattoos with perfect contrast then this guy is the man to check out. His composition is always spot on, it always flow really nice an in my opinion he has done some of the best black an grey portrait I have ever seen.


Markus Lenhard –

If your into bio-mech (I am, believe it or not….) then this guy definitely pushes the boundaries of what can be done. The whole process of getting a piece of him totally amazes me, the design which is all done digitally an rendered in 3D so you can see how it will look on the arm – he is in my opinion changing the industry. Countless layers an hours goes into his pieces and I don’t think anybody in the world can do what he does as good as him.


John Lewis –

I have to say John because he is my boss an he paid me to write him ‘as my favourite artist’ – ha. On a serious note most over my coverage is done by John and I love every piece.

John & I have virtually identical taste in styles an artists so when he’s designing my tattoos I give him virtually a open license and just let him do whatever he wants because I have absolute trust and I know it’s going to be awesome and of my taste.

Being in the studio day in, day out I get to see every one of his pieces in the flesh an his progression pictures never do the tattoos justice, I think there aren’t many people in the world that could get to his level in such a short time like he has without having a mentor or serving an apprenticeship – this progression amazes me & sets the bar for me.

He’s never happy with a piece no matter how good it is because everything could always be better in his mind an that keeps him constantly trying to improve. I think his time will come an he will be known by tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world its just a matter of time.

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  1. Hi. I do not have any eyebrows and would really love some 3d tattoos created in there place. Can this be done , do you know? I’m be most grateful for your advice.

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