Life & Death Tattoos Favourite Artists Series – Will Geary

I’ve always been into painting and drawing as a youngster and I feel like that’s really helped me as I grew up and started becoming interested in the tattoo industry. I first picked up the machine when I was 18 and studied as an apprentice in Swansea, South Wales; a couple years prior to starting at Life & Death Tattoos.

My life really revolves around art, both my own and others to draw inspiration from. Be it a true traditional style tattoo or a painting from the renaissance.


James McKenna –

This artist is really influential to me,  alot of heavy black, detail and his use of paper or skin is brilliant. Very innovative tattooist, always pushing his style forward and experimenting with different ideas.


Thomas Hooper –

One of the greats, Hooper has been a long time favourite of mine. He does only blackwork and although does do imagery such as birds and skulls but is really known for his geometric based tattoos. Such as mandalas and other sacred geometry.



Marcin Aleksander Surowiec –

A polish artist really pushing the boundaries of tattooing. Technically and creatively brilliant this man really inspires me when I look through his work. His use of colours and abstract ideas really Is like nothing I’ve seen before.


Philip Yarnell –

Although he’s only been tattooing for a couple years this guy really knows what he’s doing. I love his use of dark macabre imagery and limited dingy colour pallet, it’s created a really unique style.



Alexander Grimm –

One of my favourites because if his dark, heavy tattoos that just work with the body perfectly. Often larger pieces that work negative skin to balance the heaviness of the tattoo between it. I love his beautifully detailed medieval style tattoos such as the gauntlet and also an amazing belly piece picturing hells mouth.

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