Life & Death Tattoos – Important Update & Information

It has been brought to our attention that some “tattoos artists” are falsely using Life & Death Tattoos as a reference when being asked where they trained, worked, guest spotted and/or completed an tattoo apprenticeship – something we feel is wrong, dishonest & potentially dangerous our reputation but more importantly, to our clients & potential clients.

We urge anyone to really conduct thorough research into any type of tattoo they want, where they want it placed and who they want it tattooed by.

To be completely clear Life & Death Tattoos has a studio has trained the following people –

  • Nathan Davies (currently at Life & Death Tattoos)
  • Aaron Breeze (currently at Life & Death Tattoos)
  • Jake Rainbow (left Life & Death Tattoos, did not finish his tattoo apprenticeship).

Please note if anyone has said they have trained, worked and/or completed an apprenticeship and their name is NOT on the above list, then they have not done that at Life & Death Tattoos are being dishonest and deceiving you.

As a duty of care Life & Death Tattoos will not tattoo ANYONE unless we feel they have made a sound decision. Even then if we think for a second there is undecidedness or any ounce of hesitation then will not start the process. This is further more reinforced on areas of clear visibility such as hands, face & neck.

Life & Death Tattoos has sought legal advice on this matter and we have been instructed to state clearly that Life & Death Tattoos is 100% committed to protecting its name & reputation and will do whatever is necessary to do so.

For any more information please contact us.